Click here to type in your badge code! Great job earning a badge! Make sure you have the secret code and click on the blue link or blue monster! You'll type in your link and pick your matching student number on the page! Your badge will be applied and you'll be able to see it on your badge page in about 5 minutes! Woohoo!

What are these badges and how to I earn them anyway?

Badges are achievements that you earn in class. Access your very own badge page by clicking on your name in the list above!

How do I earn badges? Badges are earned in different ways. Some badges like "Helping Others" and "Amazing Answers" are achieved when you earn enough dojo points. Other badges have to be awarded manually by your teacher. (These might include passing a times table fact check, or scoring a 100 on your test!) Some badges are updated daily. Others are updated weekly.

Can I... "earn them all?"
Luckily for you over-achievers, there are *many* extra (even secret!) achievements that you can earn over the course of this year! When you earn an extra (or a hidden) badge, your teacher will give you a secret code to type in here. Although you probably won't earn /every badge possible/ to earn, it can be a lot of fun to try!